Diamond Bottom Premium Full Welding Round Banger | DANK BANGER


We had a mission, to create the best banger for under $50.  We wanted to create one that compares favorably to Bangers in the $150+ range.  Meet our Fully Worked Banger.

Right off the bat, this banger is a fully-worked one-piece banger.  The majority of bangers on the market are two separate pieces that are welded together at the cup and neck which leaves it vulnerable to breaking or cracking over time due to excessive use or drops.  Our fully worked does a good job of solving this weakness and is significantly more durable than traditional two-piece bangers.  The process to make this banger is highly skilled and very impressive at this price point.

To make this an awesome banger, we beveled the 25mm top to create a better seal with your carb cap.  We also stacked a thick bottom on the banger so that it holds heat longer to hit those golden low-temp dabs.  

We're very proud of this banger and we are honored to make it our flagship banger in our DANK BANGER lineup.

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