Foyo "Shortstack" 8 Inch Straight Tube Water Pipe | US WAREHOUSE

Color: Lime Green

If you like bong hits like you enjoy your coffee, straightforward and strong, you'll love using this 8-inch tall Foyo Shortstack Straight Tube Water Pipe. This compact bong delivers direct rips with fresher flavor because the smoke won't linger in the bong for long before you take your rip from the flared mouthpiece. 

The short stature of this bong also means you won't have to pull smoke very hard to get a big hit, which is great if you're the impatient type or just feeling lazy. This simple bong is made of thick and durable glass and is supported by a wide thick base to keep it stable. 

The bong is outfitted with a 14mm female joint, a fixed diffused downstem, and comes with a 14mm male flower bowl with a handle. There's also an ice pinch built into the straight tube for those times you want to put a frosty chill on your rips.

The Shortstack is stacked with all the features you need to enjoy your seshes on-the-go or at home when you're just chillin'. It is available in Milky Blue, Milky Green, Milky Purple and Lime Green colors.

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