Color: Purple

The Waffle Slurper features a deep carved waffle with a cross hatched laser etched dabbing surface that substantially improves nucleation area/surface & allows you to dab at much lower temps compared to other bangers or inserts.
Deep carved channels keep oil on the bottom of your dish and not up the sides.
Waffle Bangers demolish globs, evenly distributes heat throughout the deep carved waffle bottom and has insane heat retention/nucleation allowing you to dab in the low 400°F
Needs to be cleaned with 99% ISO.

While the terp pillars/pills are innovative accessories that help to achieve low-temperature dabs. While terp pearls are great for more traditional bangers, pillars are optimal for slurper-style bangers with a more tall and narrow chamber. In addition to improving heat retention, pillars spread around the oil which reduces waste and helps you achieve a tasty temperature. Not only are they functional, terp pillars aesthetically pleasing as well. To use, simply place inside quartz banger prior to heating and use as normal.

The Combo Set comes with a waffle slurper + a marble and a terp pillar packed in a premium DANK BANGER case

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